About Spark Dental

Our mission is to provide reliable and comfortable dentistry in an atmosphere where patients can feel at home. Spark Dental’s family-run practice translates to a family-focused atmosphere where you can feel confident bringing your loved ones. 

The Spark Dental team, Dr. Sandon, Dr. Laiton, and Dr. Jayde Wiedemann

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Family-run by dentists who care

You can count on the Wiedemann brothers to take every measure possible to ensure your dental visit meets the highest health, quality, and comfort standards.

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What makes Spark Special?

Personalized patient care

Every patient has a unique smile which is why we take a patient-centered approach in our dental practice. You're unique, and your dental care should be too.

FREE Whitening

We believe that everyone deserves a little encouragement! Our Free Whitening program was created as a way to give back to our valued patients for doing a great job with their dental maintenance.

Comfortable atmosphere

Our office takes an innovative approach to the norms of the dental industry. Say goodbye to those traditional cold, sterile dental offices and come make yourself at home.


Spark Dental was created by three brothers who share a vision for the future of Dentistry. Our commitment is to provide affordable and comfortable care for all in a family friendly environment.

Prevention focused

Preventative treatment plays a vital role in your overall oral health. We've built a system of treatment that ensures your important preventative care isn't overlooked.

Innovative Tech

We make an active effort to keep up to date with the latest innovations in dental technology such as Laser Dentistry, Intraoral Cameras and Digital x-rays to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care.

"We're looking to create a space that's warm and welcoming where a patient feels like they're catching up with an old friend. We do dentistry differently by catering every visit to the individual patient experience."